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Transition Year Information

Transition Year Programme in Maynooth Education Campus

Transition Year is a bridge between Junior and Senior Cycle. Transition Year is suitable for students who are:

  • Willing to participate. We expect all students to try everything offered to them. They may not like everything but they are expected to participate.
  • Trustworthy and independent.
  • Willing and able to ask for help when required.

If your child is shy or timid then TY is for them too. Most students develop in confidence and maturity over the year.

Students become more socially aware. Local and national issues are explored: Care of the Elderly or People with Special Needs, Homelessness, Mental Health organisations, Charitable organisations, etc.

TY Core and Modular Subjects










Career Guidance

World of Science

Restorative Practice

Religious Education

Conflict Resolution



Computer Applications


Local Studies

Media Studies (Social Media)

Work Organisation/VPG

Current Affairs


Annual School Musical



Work Experience


1. Wednesday is our official work experience day. Every student in TY MUST be at work every single Wednesday.

2. Some employers will not be able to take a student every Wednesday for a term but may offer a one-week block placement. If that is the case, a parent / guardian must e-mail the TY Co-ordinator with the relevant dates. This must be done PRIOR to the placement, not after. A ONE-WEEK BLOCK PLACEMENT DOES NOT MEAN THAT A STUDENT CAN STAY AT HOME FOR 5 WEDNESDAYS See Point 1 above

3. Prospective employers should be informed that a student is covered by school insurance for any accidents or medical issues that may occur while on work placement. The insurance does not cover work placements outside of the state.

PLACEMENT ONE: Every Wednesday from 2th September to 16th December 2020 excluding October midterm.

PLACEMENT TWO: Every Wednesday from 24th February to 12th May 2021 excluding the Easter holidays

NOTE: There will be no Wednesday work placements in January or February, up to the midterm break, to facilitate preparations for the annual school musical. Students only come in to school on Wednesdays for scheduled rehearsals. Otherwise, they use that time to find costumes / props.

Student Assessment

Assessment is carried out in various ways, including:

  • Reports
  • Projects
  • Reviews
  • Subject Assessment tests

It is important to note that assessments may be in written or oral form.

Transition Year Credit System 2019 – 2020

Each student has been given 400 Credits. It is the student’s responsibility to keep them.

Participation [130 Credits]

7 core subjects twice a week: 10 credits each for Irish, English, Maths, European Language, Computers, Science, PE. [70 credits]

5 core subjects once a week: 6 credits each for Enterprise, RE, History, Geography.[30 credits]

10 modules: 3 credits each for Music, Art, Japanese, Korean, Conflict Resolution, Restorative Practice, SPHE, Career Guidance, Current Affairs, Media Studies.[30 credits]

Class teachers will award these credits. [Attendance, participation, cooperation, completion of homework/tasks/projects]

Attendance/Behaviour [70 Credits]

Credits will be lost for this type of behaviour:

Out of class without permission



Not signed up to Edmodo for communication

Year Heads will assess these credits.

Portfolio [100 Credits]

To be submitted on Monday 16th December 2019 [50 credits] and on Friday 8th May 2020 [50 credits]

Work Experience Journal [100 Credits]

To be submitted on the same dates as above

Class tutor will assess these credits.

At the end of the year students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion as follows:

Distinction = 370 - 400 Credits

Honours = 320 - 369 Credits

Merit = 242 - 319 Credits

Pass = 160 - 241 Credits

Students will be awarded their certificates in alphabetical order class group by class group at the TY End of Year Celebration on Tuesday 19th May, which takes place from 4.15pm until 6.45pm.


A number of students will receive this award in addition to their Certificate of Completion. Only students in the Distinction category will be eligible for one of these awards.


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